Up in the Vapor Clouds

Seeking that sweet cannabis experience without the grind? Vaporizers are your gateway to smooth highs. With an array of tantalizing cannabis oils, cartridges, and pens at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit at Stairway Cannabis when it comes to crafting your perfect vaping experience.

What’s the Buzz on Vape Carts?

When it comes to vaping, the star of the show, aside from the trusty battery, is none other than the vape cartridge itself. It’s like a little magic vial filled with cannabis-infused oil or concentrate, prepped and primed for your enjoyment. These sleek carts, available in half-gram or full-gram options, hold the key to potent pleasures and vapor that dances with flavor.

Vaping Styles: Your Path to Bliss

Imagine a vape pen as a dynamic duo: a battery and a cartridge working hand in hand. The battery steps up to the plate, delivering just the right amount of heat to the atomizer inside the cartridge (heating the concentrate and converting it to vapor or mist). This kickstarts a fascinating process that heats the cannabis oil, awakening its rich blend of elements. It’s like a little dance of chemistry, all happening right in the palm of your hand.

Vapes, in all their forms, share a common goal, but the devil’s in the details. Let’s break down some key variations that call for distinct hardware and care.

The 510 Thread

Have you heard of the classic 510 thread? Named after its threaded base, these gems are a universal delight. They’re easy to replace, recharge, and even refill, making them the ideal choice for your everyday fix. If you think “vape pen,” think 510 thread. It’s as sleek as it sounds.

Disposable Delights

For some hassle-free cannabis consumption, turn to disposable vape pens. These all-in-one wonders are the true definition of convenience, with battery, cartridge, and mouthpiece united in one disposable package. No charging, no refilling—just pure vaping enjoyment. And when they’re spent, they find new life through recycling.

The Goodness Inside Cartridges


Concentrates have been riding the popularity wave like champs. Props to the creative extractors who’ve given us a treasure trove of options: think budder, shatter, wax, sauce, diamonds, live resin, and live rosin, to name a few. While not all concentrates make it into vape cartridges due to varying textures and thickness, some stars take the stage:

Distillate Dreams

Distillate oils are the pinnacle of extraction artistry, boasting purity levels up to 99% THC or CBD. Although some terpenes might step aside during this process, many return to enrich flavor and texture. It’s all about balance.

Live Rosin Wonder

Say hello to live rosin, a solventless marvel. Crafted by pressing fresh frozen plants, it retains purity and draws health-conscious users with its clean profile.

Full-Spectrum Finesse

Full-spectrum extracts capture the symphony of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original plant. With THC, CBD, and many bioactive compounds in the mix, these cartridges bring the entourage effect to life, delivering a holistic experience.

CBD's Serene Touch

While THC reigns supreme in many cartridges, a new trend shines a light on CBD-dominant options. If stress relief and tranquility are your goals, cartridges with higher CBD content can be your guiding star.

Choosing Your Path

Ready to embark on your vaping voyage? Follow these steps:

1. Find Your Device

Begin by choosing a device that matches your vibe. Temperature control is in your hands, with options ranging from simplicity to advanced customization. Some devices even offer apps for tracking dosage.

2. The Perfect Pairing

Once your device is locked in, it’s time to match it with the right cartridge. If you’ve got a 510 battery, 510 cartridges are your companions. And if you’re rolling with a specific device, hunt down its specialized cartridges.

3. Unleash Your Flavor

Choose your concentrate wisely based on your desired effects. Seeking the full power of the plant? Opt for full-spectrum. Need daytime tranquility? CBD cartridges are your answer.

4. The Adventure Begins

With many options, there’s a vape cartridge tailor-made for you. Explore strains, experiment with concentrates, and revel in the ease and discretion vape carts bring.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these devices are your keys to unlocking a world of delightful experiences. Our curated selection of vape carts at Stairway promises an experience beyond compare. It’s time to elevate your cannabis journey—get ready to soar among the clouds!