Unlocking the Cannabis Toolkit

The right smoking accessories can take your experience to the next level. At Stairway Cannabis, we’ve curated a selection of must-have accessories that make your sessions simpler, cleaner, and more efficient. Let’s explore the essentials for a smooth and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Light It Up

We all know the frustration of being in the middle of a great sesh and realizing there’s no lighter in sight! That’s why it’s essential to keep a few lighters on hand. Choose from a variety of options, from classic Zippos to windproof torches, and small-sized necklace gas lighters. Stock up on these smoking essentials because, let’s face it, lighters have a way of disappearing when you need them most.

Keep It Clean

Say goodbye to ashy crumbs scattered everywhere. Ashtrays are the perfect solution to keep your smoking area tidy. Whether you prefer lightweight travel-friendly options or exotic and collectible designs, ashtrays come in a range of materials, including plastic, glass, ceramic, stone, and metal. For occasional smokers, a plastic ashtray is a cost-effective choice, while blunt and joint enthusiasts may opt for durable ceramic or metal ashtrays.

Shred with Ease

Crushing your herbs can be a chore, and a pile of unprocessed buds can ruin your smoking experience. Herb grinders come to the rescue, effortlessly turning your cannabis into a fine grind for a smoother toke. Look for durable options like aluminum, acrylic, or metal grinders, which last for years. If you’re environmentally conscious, explore biodegradable grinders.

Just Roll with It:
Joints & Blunts


Roll Your Way

Rolling papers are essential for flower enthusiasts. These thin sheets encase your choice of substance, and you can choose from a variety of materials like hemp, rice straw, wood pulp, or flax. Experiment with different sizes to find the perfect fit for your joint, ranging from regular-sized to extra-large papers.

Mess-Free Rolling

Avoid the mess of rolling joints with rolling trays. These essential accessories provide a clean and organized workspace for your rolling needs. Available in various sizes and fun designs, rolling trays make the process enjoyable and efficient. Look for trays with stash holding stations or storage features to enhance your rolling experience.

Go for a Clean Hit

Every joint and blunt needs a filter to prevent inhaling ash mid-toke. Roach tips, neatly rolled pieces of cardboard, add strength to your roll and keep the end of your joint dry. Filters, available in various materials and sizes, provide a cleaner hit by blocking smoke and tar.  Instead of the traditional paper filter, glass tips promise a smoother and cleaner smoking experience. For a rad experience, opt for a filter that suits your preferences.

Joint Perfection

Rolling the perfect joint can be challenging, especially for beginners. Rolling machines simplify the process, ensuring consistently tight and well-rolled joints. Choose from thumb rollers, injectors, cone filters, and electric rollers, and you’ll be enjoying a flawless smoke in no time.

Go Big or Go Home

Blunts are rolled into a broader, rounded shape, delivering a unique smoking experience. If you’re looking for a robust hit that differs from regular joints, blunts are an excellent choice. For aficionados of traditional tobacco blunts, the cigar splitter becomes your new best friend, allowing you to effortlessly break open the cigar in seconds with a clean edge.

Pipe Pleasures


Smoking Pipe

Smoking a pipe is a timeless leisure activity, perfect for those who relish relaxation and letting their minds wander. If you’re a newbie to the world of smoking, this is your golden ticket to savoring the moment. Using a smoking pipe is simplicity itself – it features a compartment for your choice of cannabis and a mouthpiece for inhaling the gentle, flavorful smoke. But here’s a pro tip: keep your pipe clean to avoid any unpleasant experiences. With a wide array of glass pipes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your style.


For those mellow souls who prefer a quick and easy way to enjoy their flower without any fuss, the one-hitter is a game-changer. This slender tube packs a punch, delivering that perfect hit in a snap. It features a bowl at one end for your choice of herb and a mouthpiece at the other. Just ensure it’s tightly packed, and you’re ready to roll. A typical one-hitter holds around 25 milligrams of cannabis or your preferred herb, ensuring a sublime smoking experience. Its discreet size keeps things tidy, helps you manage your dosage, and transports you to the smoker’s paradise in no time. Enjoy your quick, clean, and hassle-free hits with the one-hitter.

Scoop, Poker, and Tamper

Let’s dive into these handy cannabis tools that make your experience smoother. The scoop tool is not just cute—it’s a flower-moving genius, sparing those precious trichomes and terpenes. Poker tools are like the Swiss Army knives of the cannabis world, handy for unclogging, screen work, and grinder cleaning. Tamper and packing tools are your airflow buddies, making sure your smoke is even, and they come with a bonus – a reverse side for bowl and screen TLC. Get these in your toolkit for a stress-free session!

Glass Screens

Pipes typically feature a small hole in the bowl to allow smoke to flow through. Glass screens are a more durable alternative to traditional brass or stainless pipe screens. They effectively prevent the inhalation of ash or ground medicine and help maintain the purity of the flavor.

The Timeless Charm of Bongs

These age-old treasures have been cherished for centuries for a reason. If you’re seeking an upgrade from rolling papers and cigarettes, bongs are your go-to choice. Filtering smoke through water results in a cleaner, cooler, and less harsh hit. Each bong boasts a removable herb bowl, a stem connected to the water chamber, a percolator for cooler smoke, and a beaker base for smooth inhales. Glass bongs are a top pick, offering a captivating view of smoke’s mesmerizing journey to your lips.

Bubbler Magic

Picture the delightful love child of bongs and smoking pipes, and you’ve got yourself a bubbler. These nifty accessories provide the best of both worlds. Shaped like a pipe, they incorporate the water-cooling magic of a bong. This special feature ensures a smoother and superior hit, taking your smoking experience to the next level. Bubblers consist of a bowl, stem, chamber, and mouthpiece, much like their bigger bong cousins. The bonus? They’re compact and highly portable, making them a fantastic choice for those on the go. Plus, you’ll find them in a wide array of eye-catching designs that add an extra layer of excitement to your smoke sessions. Embrace the best of both worlds with the bubbler!

Dab Your Way

Are you a big fan of concentrates? Enter the Dab Rig, your trusty companion for dabbing adventures. Resembling a bong, dab rigs also use water to create a smooth, cool vapor. Using them is a breeze—heat the nail or bowl until it’s red-hot, scoop your concentrate onto the hot surface, and let them work their magic. As they combine, the heat transforms your concentrate into vapor, ready to be inhaled through the mouthpiece. It’s simple, right? Keep in mind, dab rig hits can be intense, so if you’re new to this, start slow and savor the journey.

Tools for the Perfect Dab

When it comes to dabbing, it’s all about having the right tools for the job. Unlike traditional dry herbs and flowers, you can’t rely on nimble fingers alone. Dabbing is an art, and these accessories are your creative tools to unlock the full spectrum of the experience. Meet the Banger or Dab Nail, the star of the show. It’s a crucial part of your dab rig, fitting into the downstem like a puzzle piece. This shallow dish is where the magic happens—where heat meets concentrate. You’ll find dab nails in various types, from glass to titanium, ceramic, or quartz, all built to withstand extreme temperatures with style.

Vape Pens:

A Cleaner Option

Vape pens offer a smoother way to enjoy herbs, oils, and concentrates. Choose from a variety of types, including dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vapes, dual-use vaporizers, and e-liquid vapes. These come in various sizes, from handheld vapes to desktop vaporizers.

Keep It Fresh

Keep your cannabis fresh and your vibes positive with these top storage solutions! For preserving your beloved dried flowers, we highly recommend using airtight glass containers, and our personal favorites are those wide-mouth Ball mason jars, perfectly sized at 4oz for eighths. But, let’s talk about those pesky odors; even with glass jars, they can sneak out. That’s where the Skunk smell-proof cases come to the rescue, making daily storage, organization, or discreet travel a breeze. Plus, they’re perfect for those with kids or for your on-the-go medicine. And when you’re out and about with smaller amounts of flower, opt for a sleek, dark, and smell-proof jar to keep things discreet and your herbs safe from the light. Remember, steer clear of plastics or leaching materials, especially if your stash is catching some heat during transit. Keep it fresh, keep it positive!

Misc. Tools & Accessories

There’s also a range of miscellaneous tools and accessories that enhance your cannabis experience. A digital scale and calibration kit are essential for accurate dosing and cooking, with calibration ensuring precision. Keep a small pair of scissors in your kit for trimming needs, whether it’s blunts, joints, or bud. Small sauce dishes come in handy for storing excess flower, blending strains, and various smoking process requirements. Say goodbye to butane flavor by using a hemp wick for a cleaner, more flavorful ignition. Additionally, a versatile grinder card can assist in grinding your herb and simplify the rolling process while keeping your rolling tray neat and tidy.

At Stairway Cannabis, we believe that these tools and accessories are essential companions on your cannabis journey. They enhance your experience, ensure efficient use of your flower, and add a touch of convenience to your daily rituals. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and recommendations as we continue to explore the world of cannabis.