Concentrates Decoded

Let’s start with the basics. Concentrates, also known as extracts, are like the treasure chest of cannabis goodness. You know those little sparkly trichomes that make your bud glisten? Well, concentrates are made from these trichomes, housing all the magical cannabinoids and terpenes that bring the good vibes. There are two main categories: full-spectrum and isolates.

Full-Spectrum vs. Isolates: The Scoop

Full-spectrum concentrates are like a symphony of cannabinoids and terpenes working together in perfect harmony. The entourage effect is where all these natural compounds team up for a more well-rounded experience. On the flip side, isolates are all about that single superstar compound, like CBD or THC, standing in the spotlight.

Breakin’ It Down

There’s more than one road to concentrate nirvana. From ice water hash to chemical extractions using CO2 or butane, the methods are as diverse as the strains they’re derived from. And oh, the forms they take! There’s glass, shatter, budder, taffy, and oils, just to name a few.

Consume with Confidence

So, how do you savor these potent delights? Dabbing offers a powerful experience by vaporizing the concentrate. Alternatively, enhance your flower with a sprinkle or craft mouthwatering edibles. And for those always on the move, vape carts are the perfect choice.

The Lowdown on the Lingo

Now, let’s get a bit technical but not too serious. We’ve got terms like “nug run,” “live resin,” and “shatter” that might sound confusing, but fear not! Nug run means dried flower is the starting point, while live resin involves fresh, flash-frozen cannabis. And shatter? That gorgeous, glass-like texture is as satisfying as breaking a piece of taffy.

Choose Your Adventure

So, what’s your concentrate style? Dabbing for an intense ride. . . Vaping for a quick high. . . Or maybe topping your flower for that extra kick? The concentrate options at Stairway are as diverse as your tastes, and the journey is all about what floats your boat.