Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Show Me the MMJ

In 2018, Missouri embraced a more compassionate approach to health by legalizing medical marijuana with Amendment 2. But the journey didn’t stop there! Fast forward to November 2022, when voters enthusiastically approved Amendment 3, welcoming recreational marijuana to Missouri.

But wait, keep that med card handy! Here’s why being a med patient in Missouri is still a stellar choice:

Your Health Is the Ultimate High

Ready to ascend to the next level of well-being? Getting your medical card is as easy as a stroll through the park. Meet the criteria—residency, age, physician certification, a clear photo, and a $25 application fee—and you’re on your way!

Want to fast-track the process? Dive into the chill vibes with Bluebird Wellness Center—your shortcut to a quicker and easier journey.

Bluebird Wellness Center is the Midwest’s premier provider of medical marijuana consultations. With a knowledgeable staff and a comprehensive approach to healthcare, they can guide you through the process of obtaining your Medical Marijuana Certification, 16-oz High-Dose Allotment, Cultivation License, and/or Caregiver Certifications with ease. Fill out the form, call 816-944-3654, or visit BluebirdMMJ.com to begin your evaluation!

    After you click submit, your card will be charged for $75. Your receipt will be emailed to the email above and you will be contacted by a Bluebird Wellness Center specialist to complete your registration.